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If your goal is to ride your bike and perform to the best of your ability then the bikefit is for you .

A two hour fitting session at JE James will optimise your riding position help eliminate injuries, Increase comfort and help you decide on the right bike and components to suit your cycling needs. You will spend approximately 2 hours with one of our Trek fit technicians. The session begins with a discussion of the type of riding that you do – or that you’d like to be able to do – and ends with the measurements for your optimal bike position and with your shoes and cleats adjusted for maximum power, efficiency, and injury prevention.

We will work with you on your bike, Or one of our stock bikes that you may be interested in, We have all the tools required to adjust and set your bike in a variety of positions ensuring that you end up with a fit that enhances performance and increases comfort.

The information that you get to take away will include our observations and recommendations as well as all the measurements you need to set up any bike to your recommended position. (Other retailers will also be able to use to this information to determine what size frame you require if you are considering buying a bike elsewhere as we are unable to offer specific advice on frame sizing for brands that we do not supply.

Who should have a BIKEFIT?

Anyone who is passionate about cycling, Anyone who takes their cycling seriously, Anyone who puts time in to cycling and wants improve their experience in any way, Increasing speed and power or elimination pain and discomfort. All cyclists can improve efficiency and performance regardless of experience or background, A thorough analysis of your position will put you in the optimal biomechanical position. If you are considering buying a new bike and want to ensure that your bike will fit you perfectly and not cause you injury or discomfort, We have the UK’s largest range to choose from. If you are unsure of what size or style of bike you need then the bikefit will help guide you in the right direction and ensure you buy the correct bike for your cycling needs.

Price Queries & Booking Information Contact Details

Visit either Rotherham or Chesterfield and speak to a member of staff. Alternatively email either of the stores. Contact and Shop details HERE.
You can also give us a all on 01709 361919 for Rotherham or 01246 453453 for Chesterfield.


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