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JE James Cycles assist fellow cyclist Keith McRae to get back out on the road!

After being directed to via Twitter and reading about Keith McRae’s plight, we knew we could help. Keith and his supporters have recently been campaigning for him to reach his goal of having enough donations to fund the purchase of a recumbent trike to get back out on the open roads.

Keith suffers from early on-set parkinson’s meaning getting out on two wheels has proven to be impossible, step forward the recumbent trike. Have a read of the full article about Keith on

Having contacted Keith Friday via twitter and discussing how far from his target he was, we took it upon ourselves to speak to the guys over at Ice Trikes first thing Monday morning and explain our intentions.

We wanted to contribute to Keith’s campaign to get him the most important bike of his life before Christmas.

It’s now Tuesday the 11th December, the guys at Ice Trike have agreed to help us help Keith and his bike is now on order, specified to his exact needs meaning he can get out and cycle before the 25th December!

Andy Liversidge of Rotherham, the man behind JE James Cycles helping Keith added “Keith is a real inspiration. Our sport is loved by so many people, men, women and kids of all ages all eager to get out and ride. When I read Keith’s story, his love for cycling was clear and it really made me want to help him. Here’s a guy with the passion of so many other cyclists, yet he can’t get out and ride. With the help of the fantastic people over at Ice Trikes, we have managed to get Keith on his way to being back out on the road. Along with so many other people who have kindly donated via his funding page after reading the post, Keith should be out cycling before Christmas so long as the snow holds off. It’s times like this which makes cycling, and the cycling community stand out from the crowd. It makes me proud to be involved in an industry that helps change peoples lives. On behalf of JE James Cycles i would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped Keith with donations, without you this wouldn’t be possible. Another big thank you goes to the guys over at Ice Trikes who will be supplying us with Keith’s bike. The last thank you goes to for sharing Keith’s story and supporting his campaign.

Keith should be taking receipt of his bike next week some time. We will be updating you with more details on Keith and his cycling as soon as he gets the chance to have his first ride, for now – good luck Keith!


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